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Are you looking to buy Soju online and explore Korea's most iconic alcoholic beverage? Asian Grocer Online is your premium destination for the largest selection of authentic, premium Seoul soju brands and flavours. This crisp, pure, delightfully smooth Korean distilled spirit has taken the world by storm as a hugely popular drink sold for all occasions.

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Discover the essence of Korea with our exclusive selection of Soju, the nation's beloved spirit, now available at the click of a button. At AGO, we bring the rich, cultural tradition of Soju right to your doorstep. Whether you're a seasoned Soju enthusiast or curious to taste your first sip, we've got you covered with the finest selections from Korea's premier distilleries.

  • Delivery Options: Order before 9 PM and choose the earliest available delivery day. Experience the smooth, refreshing world of Soju swiftly.
  • Free Delivery Options: Enjoy free delivery across Sydney on select orders. Savour your favourite Soju hassle-free at no extra cost.
  • Curated Selection: From classic flavours to innovative fruit-infused variations, our range is meticulously curated to cater to every taste and occasion.

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At AGO, we are proud suppliers of the most prestigious soju brands from Korea, along with unique regional and flavoured varieties. Here are just a few examples of our premium soju collection:

  1. Jinro Soju - As the best-selling soju brand globally, Jinro defines quality with its signature green bottle and exceptional smoothness.
  2. Chum Churum Soju - Distilled using extra filtration for ultimate purity, Chum Churum soju is renowned for its distinctly crisp, clean taste without any harsh notes.
  3. Kook Soon Dang Soju - One of Korea's oldest soju makers dating back to 1907, Kook Soon Dang exemplifies time-honoured traditions with their perfectly balanced, lightly sweet soju.
  4. Chateul Soju - This modern, ultra-premium soju incorporates bamboo salt for an exceptionally soft, silky, smooth texture that has earned it numerous international awards.

In addition to these iconic originals, our ever-growing inventory includes unique fruit-flavoured soju, specialty bottles, assorted packs, and more! We also supply varieties from emerging brands that are continually pushing soju innovation.  


Shopping for soju online from Asian Grocer Online means you can skip the hassle of liquor stores and bars. We make it incredibly easy to buy soju online and receive your order through our rapid, nationwide delivery service.

Customers Sydney-wide can enjoy unbeatable soju prices and service perks:

  • Sydney's best & largest soju selection in one place
  • Fast delivery in 1-2 days 
  • Secure online ordering 24/7
  • Responsible service of alcohol resources
  • Exceptional customer support

For larger soju orders or event inquiries, we encourage you to call our team at 02 9161 8036. We're happy to provide expert advice on selecting the perfect soju varieties and package deals based on your tastes and budget.

No matter how you choose to buy soju from Asian Grocer Online, the key ingredients are unbeatable—unmatched quality, premium authentic brands, and amazing convenience. Discover Korea's most beloved drink and discover its rich cultural traditions today!


Introducing Korea's National Drink Soju is a clear, vodka-like spirit that has been deeply woven into Korean culture and traditions for centuries. While often compared to vodka, soju distinguishes itself with unique flavour cultures - it's clean and refreshing with subtle sweet undertones derived from the base ingredients like rice, barley, sweet potatoes or tapioca.


The cultural significance of soju in Korea is multi-faceted and deep-rooted. Drinking soju together as a social activity has long been a way for Koreans to embrace their heritage, enjoy quality time with loved ones, and practise the virtues of hospitality.

Incredibly, the history of soju production can be traced back to the 13th-century Goryeo dynasty, when Korea's ancestral people first created methods to distil the spirit from rice and other grains. Over centuries of development, Korean soju makers have mastered the art of distilling premium soju with incredibly smooth, clean notes that have made the drink beloved worldwide.


Part of what makes Soju so unique is its incredible versatility. Unlike spirits like whiskey or vodka that have more defined drinking rituals, soju can be enjoyed in countless ways:

  • Straight - Many Korean soju enthusiasts prefer to drink premium bottles neat to experience the clean, nuanced flavours fully.
  • On the Rocks - Soju poured over ice is a classic, refreshing way to sip the spirit, especially in warm weather.
  • Mixed Drinks - Soju's neutral taste allows it to blend seamlessly into beer cocktails, sodas, juices, and more. Signature Korean cocktails like Somaek (Soju and Beer) and Sochu (soju and Korean rice punch) are must-tries.
  • Soju Bomb - This iconic drinking game involves dropping a shot of soju into a glass of beer and chugging it quickly before it goes flat.

Regardless of how you drink it, remember always to practise responsible alcohol service. Soju's deceptively smooth, clean taste can make it easy to overconsume.


Soju is an ultra-food-friendly drink that pairs beautifully with all kinds of cuisine. In Korean culture, it's common to enjoy soju as an accompaniment to shareable appetisers and main dishes like:

  • Korean BBQ: Grilled meats like bulgogi and spicy pork pair perfectly
  • Stews and Hot Pots: Soju cuts through rich broths and stews
  • Spicy Dishes: The spirit's clean crispness cools down heat
  • Seafood: Soju enhances the briny flavours of the ocean

You can also find soju featured in marinades and sauces for added depth. Its versatility lets soju harmonise with everything from Asian staples to Western dishes.


When it comes to buying soju online from a trusted seller in Sydney, AGO delivers maximum convenience, quality and value:

  • Our extensive range covers all the premium Korean soju brands you love, plus hard-to-find specialty bottles.
  • With local fulfilment centres and streamlined logistics, we offer the fastest soju delivery to homes across Greater Sydney.
  • We keep our soju prices unbeatable by cutting out the middleman. Enjoy regular sales and member discounts.
  • Our knowledgeable team provides attentive service to answer all your questions about buying soju online.

Whether looking to stock up on familiar favourites or discover new premium soju releases, Asian Grocer Online is your trusted one-stop soju shop. Join the tens of thousands who have made us their go-to online Korean grocer!