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Why should I order from Asian Grocer Online?
We believe that time is the most important commodity there is and any free time you have should be spent with the people you love or doing the things that you love. At Asian Grocer Online, you can shop online from the comfort of your own home – we are an Online Asian Supermarket so no finding parking, no queues, no loading and unloading your car. We have the most extensive range of Asian groceries online in Australia – a true one stop shop for all of your Asian grocery needs. We even have delicious Asian Dinner Recipes available for free.
What are the delivery times and charges?
We have a vast range of delivery windows and options available so you get your groceries when YOU want them. Our delivery options are cheap – with free delivery options and our Super Saver option, we will not let delivery costs get in the way of you getting your groceries. Please click here to see delivery details.
Are prices higher online than what I could find in other grocery stores?
Not a chance. We have an exceptional relationship with our suppliers and are constantly striving to get our prices lower so that we can pass the savings on to our customers. We’ve done our research and can proudly state that our prices are on par or lower than most grocery stores.
How do you keep my products fresh?
We are in the markets before dawn each morning hand picking the freshest produce from local farmers and suppliers that will be delivered to you the very same day. Along with that, our staff are trained to quality check everything they pick. Your order is packed securely to ensure that they arrive to your home in an optimal condition.
How are the meats packaged?
Our butchers are up super early to vacuum seal your fresh meats so that it can stay fresher for longer.

Vacuum sealing the meats removes all oxygen from the packet which may cause temporary changes in colour. (Mainly beef as it is high in myoglobin). When meats are removed from packaging and left outside to breathe and absorb oxygen, it should revert back to its normal colour. 
What happens if I am not happy with any of the products in my delivery?
You are covered by our Quality and Freshness Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the products we deliver for any reason, we will more than happily refund the value of the product. To request a refund, please contact our customer service team within 24 hours of delivery. Please click here to see our Refunds & Returns Policy.
What if products are out of stock?
Items may at times be out of stock or temporarily unavailable. You have the option to allow substitutions for each item. If you have allowed substitutions, we will endeavour to replace the out of stock item with a similar item. We will try to choose the closest possible item based on the product, size and price. Substituted items and any changes in price will show on your final invoice which will be emailed to you when your order has been picked. If you do not want substitutions for any items, please deselect "Allow substitutions" in your cart.
What if I'm not home during the scheduled delivery time?
When placing your order, you have the option at checkout to choose to give us authority to leave your delivery unattended, as well as provide delivery instructions to your driver. Please note that chilled and frozen items as well as some room temperature items may spoil if left for long periods of time. If you have not given us authority to leave, and you are no longer able to be at home to receive your delivery, please email us at and provide us with authority to leave your order. Please include your order number. If we do not have authority to leave and you are not home to receive your delivery, we will try to contact you on the phone number provided for authority to leave. If we cannot contact you, your order will be returned, and a fee of $15 plus the charges for any perishable products in your order will be applied.
Is there a minimum spend to place an order?
Yes, there is a $50 minimum spend.
How do I pay for my order?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.
What is pre-authorisation?
In certain circumstances, the final order amount after we pick the order may be different to the amount at the time of order. This may be due to products being unavailable or substituted products with different prices. We use pre-authorisation which allows us to temporarily hold the estimated order value as a pending transaction. Once the order is picked and finalised by our team members, the final updated payment will be processed.
Do you sell bulk quantities or wholesale quantities?
Yes we do. We have a Bulk category on our website which is catered for restaurants, cafes or larger households. If you have an unlisted item which you’d like to purchase in bulk on a regular basis, please send an email to and we’ll endeavour to add it for you.
What if I’m not ready to buy yet? What happens to the items in my cart?
Once you log back into your account, the items will remain in your cart unless you remove them.
Can I cancel or amend my order?
If you would like to cancel or amend your order please call us on 02 9161 8036 or send an email to  If your order is cancelled or amended within 24 hours of delivery you may be subject to a $15 cancellation fee. 
Where can I direct my requests, feedback and queries?
If you have any feedback or ideas, or if you have any queries about your order, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at
Do you deliver to my area / postcode?
We currently deliver all across Sydney – please click here to confirm if we deliver to your area.
You don’t deliver to my area yet, will you start doing so?
We are looking to expand our service area. Please shoot an email to with your postcode suggestion and we will do our best to open our service to your area.
Can I pick up my order or do you offer click and collect?
No not at the moment. We believe our delivery service is one of our standout features, so we would like our customers to properly experience it. In future, if there is a demand for pick up or click and collect, we will implement it and let you know.
Can I order in advance?
Yes - you can order up to 7 days in advance