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Are you ready to transform your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary? Discover the secret ingredient top chefs use – premium, authentic, and raw soy sauce. At Asian Grocer Online, we've curated an unmatched collection of the finest soy sauces from across Asia. Don't settle for the ordinary. Make your food better with our top-notch range at Asian Grocer Online. 

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Find Tasty Japanese Soy Sauce at Asian Grocer Online

Are you tired of bland, uninspiring meals? The key to unlocking explosive flavours in your cooking is just a click away. At AGO, we offer a comprehensive selection of premium soy sauces sourced directly from the culinary capitals of Asia. Our expertly curated range includes light Japanese soy sauces for delicate seasoning, dark soy sauces for rich colour and depth, and specialty varieties infused with unique flavours like mushrooms or garlic. We even offer gluten-free and low-sodium options to cater to all dietary needs.

Our collection features popular varieties such as Japanese soy sauce for sushi and sashimi, Chinese soy sauce for stir-fries, and Korean soy sauce for marinades. With Asian Grocer Online's selection, you're not just buying a condiment but investing in providing a rich culinary experience. Don't let another meal pass by without the perfect soy sauce. Explore our range now and find your ideal match. Shop now and taste the difference that quality makes!

Take a look at what we offer and start cooking better meals today. Your taste buds – and your dinner guests – will thank you!

Our Best Soy Sauce Brands

We offer many great soy sauces for different tastes and preferences. Our selection ranges from delicate Japanese shoyu to strong Chinese dark soy, each carefully chosen to cater to diverse cooking styles. Here are some of our top brands:

  • Maggi Soy Sauce: Good for many dishes. Great in stir-fries and marinades. Use it for dipping. Comes in different sizes. Makes Asian and non-Asian food better.
  • Megachef Gluten Free Soy Sauce: No gluten, but it still tastes great. Made from special soybeans. Good for sushi, stir-fries, and marinades. Tastes like regular soy. Perfect if you prefer no gluten.
  • Golden Mountain Seasoning Sauce: A Thai sauce similar to soy sauce. Has a unique sweet and rich flavor. Great for Thai dishes. Use in marinades or as a table sauce. Try it with pad thai or in dipping sauces.
  • Knorr Liquid Seasoning: Not exactly soy sauce, but similar, as it's mixed with seasoning flavours. Good for marinades and sauces. Works in both Asian and Western cooking. Adds rich flavour to soups, stews, and meat dishes.
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce: A well-known Japanese brand, Kikkoman soy sauce has a rich and balanced flavour. Great for all kinds of cooking. Use Kikkoman soy sauce for dipping, marinades, and seasoning. Comes in regular and low-sodium versions.

These sauces can make your food better in different ways. Try them to find your favourite!

What Is Soy Sauce?

Soy sauce, also called shoyu or soya sauce, is a versatile liquid seasoning used in cooking and as a table condiment. It's made from fermented soybeans, wheat, salt, and a fermentation brewing process.

How Soy Sauce Is Made

Traditional soy sauce production involves a lengthy fermentation process of steamed soybeans, salt water, and wheat with fungal cultures, often lasting several months to years. The fermented soybean mixture is then pressed, heated, and bottled. Some premium varieties undergo double fermentation for enhanced flavour. A quicker modern method uses lactic acid hydrolysis, breaking down proteins chemically in just days. This process, while faster, often results in a different flavour profile compared to a naturally brewed version.

During fermentation, the raw materials, including soybeans and wheat, develop complex flavours under direct sunlight. Depending on your recipe, you can include added sugar to balance the salty flavour. The resulting sauce can range from light to dark, each with unique characteristics. Soybean paste is also a by-product of this traditional method, often used in various Asian cuisines.

Delicious Foods to Pair with Soy Sauces

Soy sauces can make your food better. Here are some ideas:

  • Stir-fries and Noodles: Add it to vegetable stir-fries. Use it in sauces for noodle dishes like lo mein
  • Meat and Fish Marinades: Mix it with garlic and ginger to marinate chicken or beef. Use a little bit to flavour the fish before cooking.
  • Dipping Sauce: Mix it with vinegar and chilli for dumpling dipping. Blend with wasabi for sushi.
  • Soups and Stews: Add a splash to beef stew for extra flavour. Use soup soy sauce in gravies to make them tastier and darker.
  • Roasted Vegetables: Toss vegetables with oil and this sauce before roasting. Great with Brussels sprouts, carrots, or sweet potatoes
  • Rice Dishes: Drizzle over plain rice. Use in fried rice for more flavour.
  • Eggs: Add a few drops to scrambled eggs. Use to marinate boiled eggs for ramen.

Try these ideas to make your cooking more exciting.

Why Buy Soy Sauce From Asian Grocer Online?

  • Lots of Choices: We have many types of this popular condiment from different parts of Asia. You'll find the perfect one for your cooking.
  • Good Quality: We make sure all our sauces are fresh and authentic. We get them from trusted makers.
  • Easy Shopping: Our website is simple to use. You can shop anytime and get your chosen product delivered to your home.
  • Fast Delivery: We deliver all over Australia. We pack your sauce carefully to arrive safely with the earliest delivery slot.

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Discover the difference that premium Japanese soy sauce can make in your cooking. At Asian Grocer Online, we offer more than just condiments – we provide a gateway to authentic Asian flavours. Our carefully curated selection of high-quality sauces will transform your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. Elevate your cooking today with our delicious soy sauces!