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Sustainability at AGO

Simply by choosing to buy your groceries online, you are already making the greener decision. A single delivery vehicle can replace multiple car trips by multiple households, therefore significantly reducing carbon emissions.

At Asian Grocer Online, we are committed to taking it a step further by doing everything we can to create the most sustainable way to shop.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

All shoppers will have the ability to choose an eco-friendly packaging option at no extra cost. Eco-friendly packaging means that we will use recyclable boxes that would have otherwise required disposal – no additional resources consumed! For both the standard and eco-friendly packaging options, you will receive:

  • Minimal packaging
  • Recyclable boxes sealed with biodegradable tape
  • Biodegradable produce bags
  • Electronic invoice (no more paper)


Reducing Food Waste

At AGO, our unsold food that is still edible is donated to OzHarvest - a company dedicated to fighting food waste.